The Craft: Legacy

It's just a bunch of hocus pocus!
Verdict: 7/10 - The Craft: Legacy may disappoint as a horror but it's an entertaining coming-of-age movie that honours the original
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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Cailee Spaeny joins a witches' coven in this reboot/sequel of 1996's The Craft.


The Craft was a hit when it was released in 1996 and it gained a cult following, so it's surprising that it's taken 24 years for a sequel to be released.

For fans of the original, the beginning of The Craft: Legacy may sound a little familiar. Three high school teenagers – Frankie (Gideon Adlon), Lourdes (Zoey Luna), and Tabby (Lovie Simone) – are practising witchcraft and realise their spell is never going to work without a fourth member.

Enter Lily (Cailee Spaeny), who moves to town with her therapist mother Helen (Michelle Monaghan) to live with Helen’s boyfriend Adam (David Duchovny) and his three sons. It becomes clear Lily has a gift for magic and is recruited by the girls to be their fourth.

The girls hone their powers before picking Lily’s bully Timmy (Nicholas Galitzine) to be the subject of a spell. As you might suspect, things don’t end well.

The Craft: Legacy has been described as a soft reboot as well as a sequel so you would be forgiven for expecting it to follow the original more closely, and thankfully it doesn't.

After the familiar set-up, with Spaeny's Lily basically replacing Robin Tunney's newcomer Sarah, it becomes quite different.

Writer/director Zoe Lister-Jones honours and respects the film's predecessor while pushing the story into fresh territory, trying new things, and giving it potential to continue as a franchise.


Lister-Jones has also cleverly crafted a sisterhood of distinct, diverse and feminist characters and has brought the story right up to date with the inclusion of a transgender character – which is simply mentioned in passing – and bisexuality as a key plot point.

Spaeny was perfectly cast as the newcomer and the audience’s eyes into this new world. She has the most expressive eyes and is extremely likeable.

The rest of her gang of outsiders are great too, particularly Adlon as the wacky and outspoken Frankie.

Horror fans may come away from this movie a bit disappointed because it's nowhere near as dark and scary as the first one.

In fact, describing it as a supernatural coming-of-age film would be more accurate than a horror.

The antagonist twist was also a letdown because it didn't feel earned, it wasn't set up very well, and the motives weren't convincing.

The Craft: Legacy may not deliver on the horror front but it’s still an entertaining high school movie regardless.

It can be enjoyed by people completely new to the franchise but fans of the original will appreciate it much more, especially how Legacy links them together.

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