Brad Pitt ‘smelt so bad’ on Fury set

Brad Pitt was so whiffy on the set of Fury that the director found it unpleasant to go near him.

Brad Pitt had terrible body odour while filming Fury.

The 50-year-old heartthrob explained that the stench emanating from him and his co-stars was so bad, director David Ayer was repelled. This was because a lot of the World War II movie was shot inside a cramped tank, he explained at Thursday’s premiere in Washington D.C.

"It smelled so bad," Brad confessed as he described the conditions in which they filmed the gruelling project.

He and Shia LaBeouf play American soldiers trying to survive in Nazi Germany. This required the sweaty actors to spend many hours in close proximity together inside the military machinery.

But according to the veteran star, "by day three, you don't notice" bodily smells.

David had a much cleaner experience on the outside as he pulled the movie together. But going near Brad and the other sweaty actors in the tank was far from a pleasant experience for him.

"You get near the hatch, and it's like, 'Dude, really?'” he laughed to the audience.

It’s clear that Brad and the rest of the cast took things seriously in their recreation of war. Prior to filming they even engaged in a tiring and dirty boot camp in order to get into character, which apparently created a level of realism.

"When the movie begins, you feel that from us,” Brad said of the exhaustion they achieved. “You don't feel like we just put on our uniforms."

It seems Angelina Jolie’s husband made plenty of new friends on the shoot, too. The time they spent together in close, dirty quarters forced the cast to form a bond.

“It is amazing how well you get to know each other, five men in a tin can," Brad mused. “Like putting your head underwater, there's something that feels safe about it and quiet and above the hubbub of a set. It was kind of nice actually, just staying in there. We'd just (talk) and smoke and stink and have a laugh."

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