Douglas: Special effects astound me

Michael Douglas was curious about how special effects movies were made, which is one of the reasons why he starred in Ant-Man.

Michael Douglas has renewed respect for green screen actors, because they truly have to "make believe".

The 70-year-old star took on his first superhero part in new Marvel movie Ant-Man, in which he portrays Dr. Hank Pym. Hank is the man behind the infamous suit while allows Scott Lang to become Ant-Man by shrinking in size.

It was a completely new experience for Michael, and it made him realise just how much goes into these kinds of big budget flicks - especially having to shoot them without seeing any of the effects, which are often added in later.

"I was very excited about this opportunity when they came to me because I never really had done anything in this milieu.

"My entire career is contemporary based, not by choice, just by characters.

"I never did an effects movie... so I was really curious about how this whole thing went together," he told Cover Media.

"I've got tremendous respect for Peyton [Reed, director] keeping all these pieces together because as we were filming all together as actors, there was somebody else doing special effects work, there was stunts and there was also people doing ant point of views.

"Which was pretty phenomenal, to be able to juggle all those pieces together was quite impressive.

"I enjoyed the experience and I also have a great appreciation for actors who work with green screen because there ain't anything there.

"Talk about having to play make believe!"

Michael's previously said this is the film which has made his 14-year-old son Dylan excited about his career.

While he was certainly one of the reasons the veteran star got involved with the project, he wasn't the only one.

It was also exciting for the actor to have such a rich history to work with.

"I was not a comic guy growing up, so I didn't know anything about this.

"They were kind enough to send me a script of Ant-Man along with a leather bound copy of two years of Ant-Man comics, which I could digest," he explained.

"We talk two dimensionally about [these movies] when in reality, my goodness.

"I was looking through these comics and here's Hank Pym, a brilliant scientist, warrior, created this incredible factory, technologies, all of this, wife was involved with him, lost her, so I mean there was more back story for Hank Pym than any of the so-called reality movies that I might have done.

"So I had a pretty good blueprint to follow."

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