Gemma Arterton got stressed out by vintage car while filming Summerland

Gemma Arterton found the car scenes "so annoying and stress-inducing".

Gemma Arterton felt her stress levels rise while filming new movie Summerland as her character's vintage car kept breaking down.

The British actress stars as Alice, a reclusive writer who is entrusted with an evacuee from London during World War II, in Jessica Swale's directorial debut.

In an exclusive interview with Cover Media, Gemma revealed her most challenging days on set were the ones that involved a temperamental car and numerous hill starts.

"It was an old car that was a right old banger and also was breaking down all the time," she recalled.

"I actually got pretty good at driving the car by the end of it but it's the sort of thing you know is not going to make the edit - you're like, 'This is taking up so much time and eating out all the day and making me stressed but you're never going to use me getting in the car and driving,' but they did actually.

"Those are the sort of things you see in films and you just take for granted but they're actually so annoying and stress-inducing, working with vintage cars, on a hill, a gravel hill."

Jessica then suggested that having to jump into a slimy lake with her co-star Gugu Mbatha-Raw can't have been a particularly pleasant experience either, but the Quantum of Solace star admitted that she actually enjoyed filming that scene.

"That was so fun and all the reactions of Gugu and I getting in the slimy lake are genuine... We thought there were little creatures living in there, it was so gross," she shared, while Jessica added: "And it's a good job you can't smell through the cinema, because that lake, I don't know what had died in it, but it wasn't the sort of blissful idyll we made it appear to be on the screen."

Summerland is in cinemas on 31 July.

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