Glenn Close: 'Michael Douglas is a lifelong friend'

The pair starred opposite each other in '80s thriller Fatal Attraction.

Glenn Close has called her Fatal Attraction co-star Michael Douglas a friend for life.

The pair starred opposite each other in the 1987 psychological thriller, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in September.

Talking to ET at the 71st Annual Tony Awards on Sunday (11June17), Glenn opened up about her enduring friendship with Michael.

"It’s such a gift being an actor. You go through these amazing experiences together and you remain friends for life (regardless of) how much you do or don’t see each other," Glenn smiled. "It doesn’t change."

She added that the “intense experience” of shooting the emotionally draining drama cemented their closeness.

"He’s a great friend. He and (wife Catherine Zeta-Jones) came to see Sunset Boulevard (on Broadway), and it was really wonderful," she continued. "He came (backstage) with tears in his eyes. It really meant the world to me."

Broadway and screen star Glenn reprised the role of Norma Desmond in 2016’s revival of Sunset Boulevard, 23 years after she first took on the Tony-winning part.

Fatal Attraction centres on Glenn’s character Alex stalking Michael’s Dan after a one-night stand, with her obsession growing more and more deadly.

Asked about her favourite scene from the iconic film, which was nominated for six Oscars, Glenn recalled: “My favourite memory, I guess (was) doing that crazy kitchen scene. Clinging to Michael Douglas with his underpants around his ankles. I thought that was pretty great."

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