Jon Hamm feared school play fluff

Jon Hamm finds himself getting really mad at sports games because he's anxious about the end of Mad Men.

Jon Hamm made sure he acted like "a pro" in his first grade production of Winnie-the-Pooh.

The actor is known for his role as ladies' man Don Draper in Mad Men, which has won him plenty of female fans. He may not have started out in such glamorous roles, but 43-year-old Jon has been sure to treat each part with the same level of professionalism - even his very first school play.

"I remember worrying about knowing my lines," he laughed to Empire magazine. "So I guess I was a pro even then."

Mad Men, a show set in the '60s and focusing on an advertising agency, is currently in its seventh and final season. Jon tries to tell himself he's not too sad about the cast going their separate ways, but finds the anxiety is manifesting itself in other ways.

He plays a sports agent in his latest movie, Million Dollar Arm, about a man who discovers two baseball prodigies. His love of the game has managed to bring up some unwanted feelings, too.

"I'll get really mad at a baseball game and I'll realise it's because I'm anxious about the end of the show," he admitted.

"It'll be sad, everyone'll be crying. Matt's [Matthew Weiner, Mad Men's creator] going to be a wreck and he's directing the final episode!

"I talked to Bryan Cranston about the end of Breaking Bad and he said, 'You think you're ready for it, and you're not. It's terrible.'

"I think being free of Don will be liberating in many ways, but that will come later."

Jon moved to LA in his early 20s to follow his acting dream. When things were slow to kick off, he vowed he would give up at the age of 30 if he didn't pick up work.

In the end it was his anonymity that he believes helped him score Mad Men.

"Luckily I wasn't playing the mobster," he smiled. "I was playing the guy who gets by on his looks.

"I think Matt liked me because I was an unknown. People weren't going to have any expectations the way they would if it was, say, Rob Lowe. They could tune into me and think, 'Who the f**k is this guy?'"

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