Gary Oldman: 'Harvey Weinstein gave me the creeps'

The Golden Globe winner has increased his chance of taking home the Best Actor Oscar in March (18).

Gary Oldman vowed never to work with Harvey Weinstein after their first meeting, because the movie boss gave him "the creeps".

The Dark Knight Rises star took home his first Golden Globe award for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour on Sunday (07Jan18), and the Brit was clearly moved by the support for harassed women in Hollywood at the event.

Sparked by an expose into Weinstein's sordid dealings over the years, published in October (17), Oldman revealed backstage at the Beverly Hilton, he was a fan of all the brave women who had spoken out about the disgraced producer, revealing he knew years ago Harvey was not a man he wanted in his life.

"When the curtain came down on Harvey, I was flabbergasted and shocked," he said. "Fortunately he was never in my orbit. We met in 1992. He gave me the creeps and I said, 'Let's not work with that guy', and I never did."

Over 80 women have come forward with accusations of rape, misconduct, and sexual assault against the movie executive since the New York Times expose detailed Weinstein's alleged predatory behaviour.

Director James Toback, filmmaker Brett Ratner, actor Kevin Spacey, and many others are also now facing accusations of sexual misconduct thanks to the initial claims made against Weinstein, and Oldman believes progress is being made.

"A wheel is turning," he added. "It's turning a notch in the evolutionary wheel. We're still coming out of the mists of time."

Oldman was one of the actors to wear a #Time'sUp pin to the awards gala in support of the campaign which has been set up to help victims of sexual harassment afford legal support.

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