Olga Kurylenko almost died while filming Quantum of Solace boat stunt

The Ukrainian-French actress played Bond girl Camille Montes in the 2008 movie.

Olga Kurylenko has recalled how she almost died while filming a complex stunt for Quantum of Solace.

The Ukrainian-French actress played Camille Montes in the 2008 movie, opposite Daniel Craig as suave super spy James Bond, and she revealed that one particular scene, which sees her and Bond fight over control of a small boat while crashing through the waves, was terrifying.

"I remember thinking, ‘Ok, this is the day of my death. I’m going to die today.’ It was so intense, because the thing is, it was real," she told CinemaBlend. "You would think, ‘Oh this is some sort of computer graphic.’ But no, we were in that boat, and we had that other boat charging straight at us.

"We were basically going towards each other in super, super high speed. Just flying through the water."

The actress went through a rigorous training regime to prepare her for scene, and while she was originally padded and attached to the boat for safety during practice runs, she began to feel nervous when the time came to shoot the set-piece, as the stunt coordinator urged her to hold on to the boat if she was thrown overboard.

"I was terrified myself, but you have to act. At that point, it’s better than acting, that was all real. There was a real sense of danger, we not pretending we’re scared, and it’s dangerous. We were scared for real," she shared. "It’s funny to think about it now... those are good memories."

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