Chloe Zhao’s Nomadland to be debuted in collaborative effort

Chloe Zhao’s drama, Nomadland, will be released by four film festivals in America and Europe, working together to deflect the impact of the coronavirus on festival events.

Chloe Zhao’s Nomadland will premiere at simultaneous film festivals in September, following a pact made between festival organisers to mitigate fall out from the coronavirus pandemic.

Toronto Film Festival and Venice Film Festival will both debut the film on 11 September.

Zhao, who has garnered a reputation as a rising talent for her previous work, The Rider, and The Eternal, will deliver a virtual introduction to each location before the film screens.

Meanwhile, Telluride Film Festival, usually based in Colorado, will host a special drive-in screening event in Southern California later the same evening called Telluride from Los Angeles.

Telluride's official 2020 edition was cancelled, but the L.A. screening will feature in-person appearances by Zhao, and the film's star, Frances McDormand.

The film will additionally be shown as the New York Film Festival's Centerpiece Selection of the 58th edition.

Earlier this month, producers of all four festival events, usually scheduled six weeks from each other in Autumn, announced they had agreed to collaborate rather than compete for ticket sales in a spirit of solidarity.

A statement released by the group read: “We are offering our festivals as a united platform for the best cinema we can find," adding, "We’re here to serve the filmmakers, audiences, journalists and industry members who keep the film ecosystem thriving. We need to do that together.”

Nomadland tells the story of a woman in her sixties portrayed by McDormand who journeys through the American West in a van as a modern-day nomad.

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