Chadwick Boseman overwhelmed while filming scene for Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Chadwick Boseman broke down while filming an emotional scene of Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, in which his character denounces God.

Colman Domingo has remembered how Chadwick Boseman cried during the filming of upcoming Netflix drama, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom.

Domingo recounted the emotional day on set during an online Q&A to promote the movie, which tells the story of a fateful recording session by 'Mother of the Blues' Ma Rainey in 1920's Chicago.

Recalling that Boseman stopped mid-speech at a pivotal moment in a scene, Domingo mused: "whatever was happening there I think (co-stars) Michael (Potts), Glynn (Turman), and I, we all knew it. It was one of those moments when you go, ‘This is the good stuff, and we’re all here, do not step away'.”

The speech in question involved Boseman's character denouncing God after hearing about a Black pastor who was confronted by a group of White men.

"Something was happening with Chad, and he turned away. I thought he was about to stop the scene, and I don’t think I’ve ever done this before in my entire career, I just said, ‘Tell me, tell me.’ I was just yelling at him. ‘Tell me! Tell me!’ Like, do not give up this scene. And then he explodes with all the rage and fury and the questions of God’s will," Domingo explained.

As Boseman drew to a close, Domingo described how the men in the room "all just embraced each other and sobbed".

"All these grown men with tears in their eyes. Michael, Glynn, Chad, myself we were silent for at least a good minute and we were all trying to collect ourselves," he divulged.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom was the last movie Boseman filmed before passing away from colon cancer in August. It has already been released to select theatres and is set to arrive on Netflix in December.

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